Harris & Claudia

A match made in heaven

Thank you so much for being the best wedding planner we could ever ask for! We never imagined that we would have to plan a wedding in the middle of a pandemic and to do so in less than 6 months. From the moment we had our first call, I knew this was a match made in heaven and I didn’t have to look for any other options.

Thank you for understanding our vision, making the transition to Singapore so seamless and hassle free, answering every questions, accommodating our (many) last minute requests and fulfilling our needs even before we say them sometimes. You truly took ownership of the event and went above and beyond to ensure that everything is exactly how we would love it.

We really appreciate everything you have done to make one of our most important days beautiful and extremely well-organized. The wedding planning process could not have been as fun and enjoyable if it wasn’t for TWD. Once again, thank you for making our wildest dreams come true!

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Alex & Clara

Very happy with how it turned out

Thanks Shermaine and team for planning the wedding!! So grateful to have u guys around and very happy with how it turned out.

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C & L

If not for your team

Thank you Shermaine, Sherry and team for all the effort I’ve said this many times but this wedding would not be so smooth and we would not have enjoyed it so much if not for your team!!

Yi Ming & Irina

You guys are exceptional

I think it would be an understatement to say that it was a blessing for you guys to come into our lives, on that fateful day in 2018.

Most importantly, I don’t think this is good bye 🙂 we would love to stay friends with the two of you and one day bring both of you out for a meal.

We really can’t begin to express how happy we are with how everything turned out, even though at times we might have missed the forest for the trees. You guys are exceptional!!!

We are exceptionally grateful to have both you guys on board with us 🙂 Everyone is saying the wedding programme was excellent.

Jiyu & Stevi

Thank you for giving us the perfect night

Wanna give a shoutout to these lovely ladies and their dream team for their amazing service! You’ve pampered us too much on our special day.

Best team ever! Thank you for making our wildest dreams come true!

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Kiat Boon & Siew Ting

Making our dream wedding a reality

I highly encourage to engage them as wedding planners if you want to thoroughly enjoy your wedding. They made everything run so smoothly from start to finish, by start i mean from 6 months before the wedding all the way to after everything is concluded.

Their attention to detail is astounding and everything from planning to execution was perfect. With them around, you won’t need to worry about details like dealing with vendors / taking leave just to meet or recce places. We were quite hesitant about engaging wedding planners before. However, the moment they spoke with us, we knew we were in good hands.

This may seem like a paid ad, but it’s really not. From the bottom of our hearts, we would rate them 100 out of 10 stars. Thank you The Wildest Dreams for making our dream wedding a reality.

Lawrence & Christa

Will recommend to friends anytime!!

The best decision we’ve ever made is to engage Shermaine and Ashley as our wedding planners – they took care of everything from logistics to scheduling and ensure that the wedding ran perfectly as planned with 101% commitment.

Our family and friends were able to enjoy the wedding throughly and were full of praises for how everything worked out. Will recommend to friends anytime!!

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Zhen Biao & Wei Ling

Best wedding planner ever!

A million thanks for being our super-duper awesome wedding planners. We can say with certainty that this wedding would not have happened without you (or at least not as enjoyable, fun and is being still alive haha).

Your professionalism and excellence gave us the assurance that we are in safe hands. Thanks for always being there, taking care of the details, looking out for us and bearing with our tardiness.

The presence and energy which you all bring along really adds that bright spark that energies us from preparation through to wedding day (especially when I fell sick). Thanks for being our cheerleader, our guardian angel and our friend through this entire time.

Last but definitely not the least, the execution of the day was perfect. Tremendously appreciate that while you all were working hard to ensure we are on schedule, but not once were we rushed any where or into any activity. Everything was so well managed and thoughtful to allow us to enjoy and experience our wedding fully.

We truly enjoyed our wedding thoroughly. Thanks for making it a special day that the only thing and emotions we remembered are joy, laughters and fun! Completely stress-free!

Sincerely thank you for everything. Best wedding planner ever!

Kelly & Augustine

Wedding of our dreams. Hire them now!

One of the best decisions we have made after deciding our wedding date was to engage The Wildest Dreams (TWD) who took care of the entire wedding planning process both professionally and passionately as though it was their own wedding 🙂

We had our wedding in Bali and everyone would know planning a wedding is plenty of hard work, lest to say an overseas wedding! Ashley and Shermaine took every important aspect of planning of our wedding to the tee. Just like many other young couples, we had envisioned many ideas and thoughts about the wedding. The ladies were extremely patient and helped us navigate through these many ideas according to the budget we had in mind. Having the planners at TWD being perfectionists not only helped us achieved the wedding of our dreams, but the team also ensured they were always one step ahead of us, keeping us calm and excited to see their beautiful works. Being so detailed every step of the way, it’s great to have a team that allowed their advice encapsulate the vague ideas all young and inexperienced couples would have.

Ashley and Shermaine were both extremely professional but yet personal and I’m glad we’ve all became good friends through this special wedding planning journey of ours. We have received so many wonderful feedback from our families and friends after the wedding and we really have to thank TWD for putting everything together, so beautifully.

All in all, we would definitely recommend TWD to any engaged couples looking for a wedding planner 🙂

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Adrian & Bee

Butter smooth & beautiful experience

We can really count our lucky stars that we had Shermaine as our wedding planner. She is so bubbly, warm, enthusiastic and full of energy that she really lifted a great weight off our shoulders during the hectic months of wedding planning.

She is so well-organised and detailed (even her timetable for us included a “put on face mask” reminder!), that we always knew we were in good hands. She was very resourceful, negotiating and getting us the best deals from all the vendors. Her positivity and “can-do” attitude really made everything such a pleasant experience. It goes without saying that our wedding day went beautifully without a hitch.

Everything was butter smooth and Shermaine was a true star with her quick sewing skills to touch up our outfits. The rest of the team (Kelvin, Owei, Ben) were really on-the-ball and attentive. Seriously, we felt so relaxed that we really enjoyed our wedding day! Ashley, who wasn’t able to make it for our wedding, made her presence felt by constantly communicating with us in the days leading up to the event. The whole team deserves all the credit they can get. Bravo!

Yes, they gave us a wedding of our (maybe wildest) dreams. We hope you’ll have as good an experience with them too.

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Noel & Espall

A Proposal To Remember

The perfect harmony of skill and commitment. That is what Ashley and Shermaine provided as we planned a marriage proposal for my girlfriend. Ashley and I met to discuss this in June 2018, and I had my hands completely off from there. From that first meeting, Ashley could identify exactly what I wanted. She was brimming with ideas that will account for a range of considerations, such as the flow of the events and wet weather plan, to the tiniest of details such as the decoration of the garden and dining area, and even the music. You can tell that she has a knack for planning, which is further backed by a wealth of experience.

The confidence she exuded during that meeting assured me that the event was in good hands. Any other concerns were laid to rest by her constant and proactive updates throughout the months. Needless to say, the proposal was an overwhelming success, especially with the fine touch of The Wildest Dreams. Therefore, if you are looking for a service provider that has a vision and yet can relate to the concerns of the client, then I highly recommend them.

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Joel and Charmaine

Fulfilling The Bali Dream

My fiancée and I having been looking around for wedding planners simply because we do not have any themes or styles in mind for our upcoming wedding. We were just casually browsing one day, and stumbled upon The Wildest Dreams’ portfolio. Despite us not having any prior ideas in mind, we fell in love with their portfolio almost immediately. That’s when we decided to contact them to have a short meet up.

We met up with Ashley and Shermaine. They are extremely warm yet professional. Just a few short conversations with us, they are able to perfectly bring out ideas and themes that suits us perfectly. That is when I realise both of them have actually been in this industry for years, and are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in their art. We felt so secure being with them, and decided to engage them immediately.

On one of the meet ups, my fiancée just casually asked them how is Bali like as she hasn’t been there before. That was when both Ashley and Shermaine secretly suggested to me if we should plan a surprise pre wedding shoot in Bali for her.

However, the reason we didn’t plan to have a shoot in the first place is because of Budget constraints. Ashley and Shermaine both knew about this Budget constraint right at the onset, but it made them even more determined to make this surprise happen for my fiancée.

They asked about what’s the most comfortable Budget for me, and focused on working with this limited resource that I have. Never at any stage of this planning process did they ask me to increase my Budget. Instead, they put in extra effort to find different sources and made an amazing proposal for me.

Fast forward to today, it has already been a week since we came back from Bali. In my most sincere and honest feeling, I am extremely grateful and thankful that I engaged The Wildest Dreams. The whole experience was nothing short of amazing.

To The Wildest Dreams, thank you so much.

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Shermaine & Kelvin

Beyond our wildest dreams

We got more than what we wanted. Our wedding planner Ashley is the reason why we could truly enjoy ourselves on our wedding day, had plenty of rest and did not have to stress about anything at all.

She managed our parents, relatives, friends and vendors so well that we did not hear a single word of complain. In fact we knew we chose the right wedding planner when one of our friends said that it was the most unceremonious and yet entertaining wedding she has ever attended.

Thank you for the perfect wedding!!

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